Thursday, 5 August 2010

The link Home Singapore very sweet afternoon tea party

Every new creation is a reason for a celebration. I'm sure you will agree with me after you see the new gadget for every foodie,Patissieare or sweet tooth kitchen gadgets lovers.
The celebration yesterday was for the reddote wining 2010 award from Finland. A cake cuter.
Lots of cakes were cut and served yesterday with tea coffee and great music, in the beautiful inspiring Link Home shop at Paragon.
I'v tried the cutter my self and believe me it's a piece of cake cutting and serving it to the plate. I liked the way it cuts the slice of the cake. its slightly curved in the inner part of the slice like a paisley shape... you can control the size of the slice by placing it to the right size you choose on the cake. The great news is that you can use it for serving right to the the plate while it is still in one piece and standing we have all in one, cutting, shaping, serving. What els we can ask for? Oh, we can ask for a good cake, and the cakes were so good, from canele. I carried one cuter back home, and will remember to buy more as a gift for friends i love.

You can find the cake cuter and much more, in the Inspiring Link Home at Paragon.

All are working very hard...
Cake cuter in action

Everyone is trying The cake cuter.

Go and grab your cake cuter.
You can have your coffee on the table or on Imperial bed.

I'v added the Tea glasses at the right side of the photo to my tea cups collection. They are hand blown glass cups their beauty is in the clean simplicity. I love the RED tea pot too.

If you are visiting Singapore don't miss a visit in all The link shops.
And this song is for my friend, My dearest friend L.T For the endless love and kindness.
Life is beautiful enjoy it.

"Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is a luck, make it, Life is a song, sing it." ~~~~ Mother Theresa



  1. כשמדובר במסיבות שכאלה אני תמיד בעד. והארנב מגניב, יש מצב לקבל אותו?
    תודה על השיתוף

  2. בוודאי שבוודאי. יש כמה כאלה כבר שמורים מראש. כן מסכימה אוהבת סיבות למסיבות. היה מגניב ביותר בילינו שם כמה שעות לפני שיצאנו כולם לארוחת ערב מגניבה גם.