Saturday, 31 July 2010

My too short holiday in Phuket Chalong bay fishermanway resort

It's about two weeks since i'm back or maybe less then that. It was too short and to good to be true. We where invited to stay there by the owner/friend (amazing Thai women). We didn't know much what to expect but we know Phuket, we knew Thailand so we packet all we need for "on the beach holiday". I can tell you it was on the beach, in the cooking class, and every night in deferent seafood restaurant. Four days of sinful eating, Spa treatments and joy with great friends sharing love for eating and nature.
First things i did before booking the flights for us was, booking place for us to go to local cooking school. I will never miss the opportunity to cook where ever i go... It was great great cooking school . the location was just like my dream, right on the beach cooking to the sound of the waves .
but lets go back to fishermanway resort. It's great place to take your family for peaceful holiday. If you have young kids it's a dream place for them. If you are retiring that the place for you. you can rent a house for a year and renew it yearly.
It was to short for me. I love Phuket' I love Thailand and the People. Love the smile, hospitality and the food. I love and happily spend my money really get value for you hard earning money in this beautiful country and it's People.
And My friend in Fishermanway resort was a reminder to all what i'v said here about the Thai People. She and her husband and stuff, make our to short four days, a joy to remember for more visits to come.
wrote to much..let the photos speak for the tripe.

In the resort. small house .
  In the resort.

The house we stayed in.

The kitchen is amazing. next time i'll stay longer to enjoy it. The kitchen is attached at the end left of the house, it's not inside the house which is great
Loved the bathroom. Like bathing outdoor.
.In front of our house across the road we saw this.

Our friends home right on the beach.

There is a pool in the resort..the rules are written for all to see.The wooden toy car was in our living room a few models...funny.

The food photos and the rest of the tripe will appear in my next post stay tuned... :)


Monday, 26 July 2010

Vegetarian Lentils soup --- מרק עדשים כתומים

It rains cats and dogs this morning.

 looking out from my window feels like winter...but no, defiantly not in Singapore.I can only dream about winter here or make one for me. So whats makes you feel more wintry then good hearty soup? Nothing . soup that what i craved for today. Red split lentils soup. Like the one my momma do for us in the winter.
It's my yoga day soup.
So? What you are staring at? go to the kitchen get your stuff ready and cook it . it's so easy .

You will need:
1 cup red/orange lentils (my cup=200 ml.)
2-3 carrots cut to slices.
1 sweet potato or other potato .
1 bid onion chopped
2-3 american celery stocks chopped.
bunch of fresh coriander chopped. add it at the end of the cooking.
3-4 clove garlic chopped
3-4 tablespoon olive oil or oil of your choice.
cumin powder, sweet paprika, black pepper, salt. - all add to your taste.
1.6 liter of water. If to tick add more boiling water toward the end of cooking.the soup suppose to be tick.
Photo Via goggle images.
heat up the oil in a pot. sautéed the onion to light golden brown. add garlic and spices, when you get the aroma from the garlic and spices add all the rest at once, bring to boil , low the fire and slow cook the soup until lentils "melts". add fresh coriander cook few more minutes and off the fire.
if you wish you can blitz the soup in food processor for smooth creamy soup or leave it chunky if you like.
serve with country bread, or croûtons. ( i like it with Kellogg cornflakes simple and yummy)
I like serving tick yogurt on the side to add to the soup. Yogurt Is cooling, adds flavor and help digestion.
Because it is so easy to do and all ingredient are available easily in every house you can enjoy this soup with out plaining ahead.

Enjoy it. Because it's so yummy.


One Saturday in Orchard Rd. Singapore shopping district --- Part 2

As i'v promised you here i have some more photos from club 21/ Marni boutique at the Hilton Singapore. The display showing Fall/Winter 2011 new arrivals. but what i liked is the (very) cool display, as i didn't have much time to check all the new arrival's and promised to come back again to check them one by one.
Lanvin is taken by club 21, and i'm very happy for that. The new shop looks very exiting and in good hand...The stuff in the new shop is one of the most experience stuff/team club 21 has...
so enjoy some of the shots i'v snapped while there for very short visit. Will go back again for Lanvin new shop.

Some of the photos are taken with  My headphone apologizes for the quality. :)

One Saturday in Orchard Rd. Singapore shopping district and stellar's comme des Garcons shoes

Photos by cookingstyle.
You can do allot in few hours if you are fast and focused. I didn't shop much this year GSS9( Great Singapore sale ) maybe it's the mood for shopping or to much shopping in my tripe to Israel to be blame...but i really didn't feel the erg for shopping this season. Usually it's good time for good deals. if you love high end fashion look no farther then Orchard Rd for world famous designers boutique for it. So i feel that if you don't plain for it...then you can find the best that left for you, or in this case for me.

first stop club 21 forum and Hilton hotel (visiting them is always a pleasure) before clothing time,my visit left them minus one comme des Garsons black patent lather shoes. Loved them. they joined this pair. The new pair can be paired well with any look. day or evening (depends on my mood, or occasion). can go well with Chanel bag and denim'. or evening dress (a la come ...) with a touch of a boyish look.

Then fast round to say hello to all friends around at the Hilton club 21 boutiques...and rush for dinner not before snapping some shots of the new lanvin boutique and gorgeous Marni display for fall/winter2011.
Then shop for some more...not much but i like what i found.
I'v told you , you can do so much in few hours. And go home inspired....

This beauty was at the entrance to the Hilton . I couldn't stop myself...the Red Rolls is so so beautiful. The white Lamborghini is real stellar...

Sweet blindness... And some money  always helps... ;)
 More photos in my next post...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

הופ הופ טראללה גדלתי בשנה - מזל טוב לילדה הבכורה והמדהימה שלי

מזל טוב לך בתי היקרה. מאחלת לך את כל הדברים הכי נפלאים שהעולם הזה יכול להציע לך. לפני כך וכך שנים, עשית אותי לאדם הכי מאושר בתבל. ואת עדיין ממשיכה לעשות זאת...באמצעות הנכדים היפים והמתוקים והמדהימים שהענקת לי.
אני רוצה להחזיר לך באמצעות כרטיס ברכה שפעם כתבת לי, בעודך נערה צעירה . בטוח לא האמנת שאמא שמרה את זה כל כך הרבה שנים נכון? אז את טועה אמא כן שמרה ושומרת כל פתק שאי פעם אתן בנותיי כתבתם לי.
אז הנה חסכת לי כתיבת כרטיס ברכה. כי הכרטיס הזה הוא את. אמא נפלאה שאני אפילו לא מגיעה לקרסוליים שלה.
אוהבת אותך אהבת נפש. ילדה וחברה שלי.
זה היה השער לברכה שכתבת לי..יש המשך אך הוא אישי ואותו אני שומרת לעצמי....
Happy Birthday baby

ראי אותך בצילומים פה, וכמה הנכדים שלי דומים לך...?
בתמונה משמאל למטה..את כאבא שבת...כבר אז היית מהפכנית בדעותייך ורצית להיו רב ולא רבנית ביום ששי בגן....מצחיקה שכמותך...אני עדיין זוכרת איך התעקשת להיות אבא שבת, בגלל הטלית והכיפה שנראו לך יותר מענינים מסתם צעיף על הראש...
follow that dream you are dreaming...You know how good you are . My skybird
אוהבת אותך


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Chatuchak Bangkok Weekend Market - stylish vendors Photos

This post will be manly Photos from my last tripe to Bangkok. This time photos of Sunday market or weekend market cool vendors i come across in the steamy hot narrow lanes of this fascinating market.
If you are planing a visit to bangkok, make sure you will have Saturday and Sunday in bangkok and go to this  amazing market.
The photos where taken by me with permission from the PPL who are in the photos. some are vendors. some where there i guess like me. Love their bold cool accessories and over-whole look. All is genuine they are dressed like that every day. The lady, i was told by other vendors around, is one of a kind women in the whole market. one even added "she is one of a kind in Thailand" LOL. Who am i not to agree with them? Hell, yes she is!!!.

He didn't beat my ivory collection. love his ring.

This lady is competing with my black coral bangles she won....

This guy is wearing his own skin literally Look how big is his Eagle.He own a shop selling second hand bags and accessories for hippies...

Don't you think this guy looks like Bob Marley? He reminds me Bob. The left showing bob Marley is a painting made by Thai local artist in the market. Look at his friend at the far end Pix. he reminds me this guy :) with his beard and cowboy hat. 

Don't miss visiting the market. Great place. My Disney!