Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hide & Seek - A tale of one stylish shop and a day in Singapore downtown -Part one

"Seek The Best In Hiding"....
Tuesday morning of this week was no deferent from any others (but it was). My plan was to go to my meeting after lunch in Telok Ayer St. walk about for a while (love the area) and go home. But God of luck has his own plan for me on that day. The Almighty's plan for me was a great, amazing long day, a long walk of discoveries. You know, Singapore is like a matured mellow woman who gets better with time, or let's say wine which gets better as the time goes by. So, don't expect going to many parts of Singapore and find them the same as you remember them from your last visit. It's an ever-changing place.

My meeting was great too. it's always great when it involves anything to do with style, beauty and the meeting progressed we found mutual friends joining in. Oh boy, what a surprise! I felt blessed that day after leaving my friend's office... It must be a reason for all this I've whispered to my myself. She followed me down to the street,  hugged ,kissed (we are after all almost family after finding so much in common between us) :-) I said love love this old and charming historical part of Singapore...her tips of where to go were gold. Waving good bye..i started my walk.

First stop was at a local cafe or kopi-tiam the way locals calling cafe, a table and two local males playing Malay chess. Hmmm i didn't know there is a Malay chess.  Interesting! Stood beside them watching, a man around explaining to me who was going to win (of course the "loser" was angry). They were curious to know where i'm from we talked while me snapping shots. click click... smiled and said goodbye. After all i have some other finds to discover...who knows what was waiting for me ahead.
As i walked down the street i saw the old chinese temple a must visit. love the view from that street corner. The old and new are merging harmoniously in the frame when shooting. Crossing the road to the opposite side, a wooden horse at the entrance of a shop house caught my eyes. I love old wooden horses, they are so charming. I pushed the glass door into the shop not expecting i'm actually entering a world of beauty hiding in. (i was right) at the entrance a smiling girl behind the counter. I said 'Is it open for public? is it a shop? do you sell here?' (i couldn't decide from what i saw outside if it's a boutique or designer's office)... She: yes yes please come in. Me? I hurried in. The red dress on the mannequin at the entrance told me it's a promising place for fashion junkies... :)

 I WAS DAMN RIGHT. HIDE & SEEK is the name of the place.I introduced myself, asked permission to take photos for my blog. was taken happily for a "trip" in the shop by the lovely smiling gal stuff. (she is so kind answering all my Q as we go ).

The boutique name in Mandarin.
3-storey shop (like all the old shop-houses in Chinatown, all the area is under conservation). The boutique is hosting under one roof designers from Singapore, stylish sport wears collaboration of high end designers with sport companies like Puma. Perfumes and fragrances from France and USA (stunning bottle designs). Line of naturally based perfumes for essential oils based perfume lovers. I loved this Aromatic line, The oil combination is very unique.

First level is the clothing for men and women. accessories. Chunky, bold and very very cool looking necklaces big dangling earing, watches, shades, vintage look inspired. 
Second floor, perfumes more accessories and the other side of the floor is for sport shoes and clothing. If you love Alexander Mcqueen you should visit as soon as you can for his last sport collaboration collection for Puma before he left us...

Perfume tasters. Loved they idea.

Third floor is a mix of all. furniture, home decor and many more exiting little finds . Go and see/explore them all in this charming place.
Collect them all. 

This one was my choice of the day.

Alexander Mcqueen for Puma.

Old charm.Peranakan tiles.

My favorite. (she looks amazing isn't she?) The red rose looks amazing emphasizing her beauty.

For more hit this link ***

 PS. Don't be afraid hitting the links in my blogs. They are all a journey to info, music and thing i like to share. :)
Life is beauty, admire it. ~~~ Mother Theresa

Cheers and please shop around .  it's a lovely day Life is beautiful. ;)


  1. thankx foe a lovely "visit" for me' in Singapore. it does look like a lovely place to shop and i lived the perfume testers

  2. Thank you . :) Yes it's great place to shop around if you love shopping. But the Island has allot more to offer if one is willing to walk.I love walking.