Monday, 16 August 2010

A Day in Singapore downtown -Part Two דאון טאון סינגפור

Photo is taken in STEVIE GENERAL STORE.93 Club Street Singapore.

After getting a list of some more shops to visit around the area,I left  (check the link for part one of the walk) Seek&Hide to the rest of my fun and unexpected and unplanned day walk in down town Singapore. Stopping for a short while in the Chinese temple, and walked down the street. Turning left behind the Indian temple...heading to Amoy Street.
Will show you the rest in pictures i took along my walk.


Old and new. Deja Blue ?

The old and the new.

Bronze .
Facing Amoy street.

Great finds
You can get you fix for look alike Chanel 2:55 or Hermes bag made of pure cotton.

At Babuyo. Burmese art shop.97 Amoy Street.

Was told it's one of the best Fish head noodle soup . I was hungry. This is my late lunch there. Very good!

This black cat followed me since i left the restaurant. the funny thing is that, they where two cats , she chase the other one ,so she can have me for herself...Very smart street cat!
Still have to go and explore Flose. the cakes  at Kki  looks promising, but didn't have time for a coffee.
On the way...
The most amazing and cool Singaporean girl...Go check her second hand and vintage store and her design too.
She is so sweet and kind. posing for me . will go back to check her shop again soon.

Hope you enjoyed my walk as much as i enjoined it.  may add more to this come please and check it again. Most of the photos where taken with my cellphone (my camera battery was flat after visiting first shop) camera not bad i think...

I loved that day. a day of Young dreams... :)

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  1. ואוו מדהים! איך אני מתגעגעת למקום הזה. הייתי כל כך שמחה לבוא לבקר, לאכול, לבלות ולקנות.
    הלינק של הבחורה המקועקעת לא עובד