Saturday, 4 February 2012

From Father To Son -My New Baby Lock Enlighten Serger story and Happy Year Of The Dragon 2012

Happy Chines New Year.

Hooray! found the best Serger for me! His name is " Baby Lock Enlighten " and I'm totally in love with this amazing " Thread Delivery System " that eliminates confusing tension adjustments. One push-button and the magic threading works. No longer needs to guess the correct tension adjustment. It is Magic! And i love it! Makes life so easy!

 It all started when I was searching for a domestic Serger. Spoiled for a choice, that was not an easy task. made a few calls to few dealers and chose to see Mr.Ong of Ban Soon first. Mr Ong is a very welcoming nice smiling person. He runs Ban Soon sewing Machine. It was established in 1972 by Mr Ong's father. Mr. Ong and his wife run the family business since 1984 when he took over from his father. It is a family-run business in Clementi Ave. Singapore. He is very passionate about his work and very very patient person. he was bombarded by lots of question from me, and he patiently replied and educated me about the deferences among  various Segers models I was inquiring about.

 Liking his approach and service I have decided to buy my Seger from him no matter what. Buying in a place where you know you get good service is very important to me. knowing I can call and ask for helps over the phone and being helped is important to a costumer.
After trying and asking and lots of searching and researches over the Internet. Baby Lock Enlighten was my choice!
The sergee is with me now for two months and I am very pleased with my choice!
MY serger at home.
Magic Push to Thread .
Liking the service I have decided to share with my readers the story of good service in this family business. few days before Chinese New Year went to see him again to buy some sewing needles and telling him how pleased was I with my Enlighten and would share the good service with my readers.. He smiled and let me shoot some photos in his shop.

Wooden Iron used in south-east Asia after ironing the line with the charcoal iron,  this one used to press the line down to a perfect fold.  
Charcoal Iron still sold by him to countries around south-east Asia were electricity is still a problem

In "Ban Soon" you can find almost everything you need for your sewing machine or your sewing hobby. but above all is the welcoming smile and good service or in Mr. Ong's words " Myself already cross the time where monitory return becomes secondary, and having a satisfied customer is an achievement ."
Isn't is nice?
Good service is hard to come by! Mr. Ong proves  me wrong! Next time you are looking for sewing machine, serger, or other related product, think of,  good machine still  need good service man. a Specialist in sewing Machines and sewing Solutions.
left his shop with two oranges....

Ban Soon Sewing Machine
Block 431 Clementi Ave. 3
(near Clementi MRT/Bus Interchange)
Tel: (65) 67776 3253
Mr Ong Hp: (65) 96664 6168

Happy  Dragon Year 2012. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Listen Father and son

Needles and Pins