Saturday, 31 July 2010

My too short holiday in Phuket Chalong bay fishermanway resort

It's about two weeks since i'm back or maybe less then that. It was too short and to good to be true. We where invited to stay there by the owner/friend (amazing Thai women). We didn't know much what to expect but we know Phuket, we knew Thailand so we packet all we need for "on the beach holiday". I can tell you it was on the beach, in the cooking class, and every night in deferent seafood restaurant. Four days of sinful eating, Spa treatments and joy with great friends sharing love for eating and nature.
First things i did before booking the flights for us was, booking place for us to go to local cooking school. I will never miss the opportunity to cook where ever i go... It was great great cooking school . the location was just like my dream, right on the beach cooking to the sound of the waves .
but lets go back to fishermanway resort. It's great place to take your family for peaceful holiday. If you have young kids it's a dream place for them. If you are retiring that the place for you. you can rent a house for a year and renew it yearly.
It was to short for me. I love Phuket' I love Thailand and the People. Love the smile, hospitality and the food. I love and happily spend my money really get value for you hard earning money in this beautiful country and it's People.
And My friend in Fishermanway resort was a reminder to all what i'v said here about the Thai People. She and her husband and stuff, make our to short four days, a joy to remember for more visits to come.
wrote to much..let the photos speak for the tripe.

In the resort. small house .
  In the resort.

The house we stayed in.

The kitchen is amazing. next time i'll stay longer to enjoy it. The kitchen is attached at the end left of the house, it's not inside the house which is great
Loved the bathroom. Like bathing outdoor.
.In front of our house across the road we saw this.

Our friends home right on the beach.

There is a pool in the resort..the rules are written for all to see.The wooden toy car was in our living room a few models...funny.

The food photos and the rest of the tripe will appear in my next post stay tuned... :)


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