Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh my God just back from Daytona 500 race 2011 Trevor Bayne is Daytona 500 winner

Photo:   Jeff Siner
Can you imagian how I feel? I have lots to tell you about today's race. Promise to continue when I'll have better connection to Internet. Stay tune.

Dale Sr Walk of fame Daytona.

The winner.
 Trevor Bayne Photo:   Jeff Siner
The winning car in Daytona a week later. 

I am back to tell my story of going to Daytona.

The trip to Orlando was plained at last minute. When Michael Waltrip announced he will bring back #15 car to honor Dale Ernhardt in the 10th anniversary of his death in the last lap in Daytona 500 2001. I say OK i am going. I went and it was the most amazing event!

Thanks to my sister we have tickets before i even knew i can get my visa on time. she also ordered for me Michael Waltrip book , his newly released book "In the Blink of an Eye" Dale, Daytona, and the day that Changed Everything. i read the book faster then i thought. i wanted to complete it before going to Daytona on Sunday race. Read more in this link. Buy and read the book even if you are not racing fan!

We have chosen to buy the package offered to have morning fan forum with Micheal Waltrip, i wanted my book autographed by the author/race driver of the #15 on that fatal day in 2001. The book is a must read even if you are not race fan.
Michael Waltrip answers Fans Q

Michael Waltrip  impersonated Dale SR. Comedian in the house...
Saturday afternoon my sister and i left for Daytona. i was so so excited. when we reached  the road close to the  DIS we could hear the race car sound! we didn't go to the race on that day. we just wanted to soak in the race town atmosphere day before the race on Sunday.
We have a friend and school mat from our village in Israel living in Daytona. what is better than that? we left our car in his parking, and we headed to town with his car. driving around to look for good food for dinner.

 That was not an easy mission. it was speed week in Daytona, the town was packed with fans, and all were hungry like us...we found nice place. had nice dinner. and left to see another family friend. he owns a memorabilia shop in Daytona. Daytona 2000 43 S Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach FL.
 Gilber Me and his Dale Sr collection.
Gilbert has an amazing collection of all the cars Dale Sr and dale jr drove. Gilbert grow up in Canada with my late brother in low. he is a wonderful man and loved Dale SR very much! It was great talking to him in my mother tung Moroccan lol...and switched to English from time to time.
Gilbert was so kind to let me take photos of the rare collection, including autographed photos in his office privet collection that covers the wall. many of theme autographed by Dale E.SR.
From Gilber collection.
Sunday race day. early morning wake-up. Again i'm so grateful for everything my sister doing for me, including wake - up early to be on time to meet Michael Waltrip...first i checked that the book is with me in my bag!.
Gilber Shop in Daytona Beach
We didn't know how tough this will be! we almost missed the event , but made it finally (breathless) when Michale started his signing session . I stood in the Que for my turn to get my book and cap signed by Dale's SR friend!.

For someone like me who comes all the way from Singapore to honor  Dale Sr, that morning was important to see and here  someone whose life was changed literally on that fatal day! Michael answered fans Question and was funny...we all laughed when he impersonated Dale SR . Well done Mikey...natural comedian!
thanks Michale It was great pleasure meeting you.

It was very warm day in Daytona. The distance from one place to another was so far. The atmosphere was fantastic. Very colorful fans all over and everywhere. The Que in front of Dale Jr #88 track selling memorabilia was the longest everywhere.
We enjoined every moment despite the heat! now heading to our seats....the race will start soon. i can't wait. It's a big day for drivers and fans alike in Daytona. What a great idea to come . I am so proud of me.... ;)
When my sister was taking photos of me in the wallk of fame a fan lady who passes by said to us"Waltrip has huge hand...." we agree not only hands his foot is huge too.
I must say if not for the morning meeting with Michael , we could of got a better seat. but the package comes with turn two seats which i didn't like at all...But who cares now . I  wanted to enjoy the moment! as long as you are having fun and great fans around you the rest can be ignored. we happened to be in great place with all Dale Jr fans. few of KB fans. and some MW fans. So we felt at home! when Kyle b. car pass we heard loud boos around us. My sister din't like it. She say Kyle B is nice so she cheered for him. lol . Kyle you have new fan!
We enjoined a pre-race show with Brad paisley.
Photo:   Jeff Siner
The anthem and the US Air-force Thunderbirds flying over Daytona  were a great experience. check the photos it's #16 photo. I don't have good photo of my own.
Photo:   Jeff Siner
But the most touching moment for me in Daytona500 was the silent third lap honoring the INTIMIDATOR. Dale Erenhardt SR. all the fans were standing with their arm up and three fingers pointing in the air. I couldn't move or breath, it was very powerful moment of silent, no cameras clicking including me...i wanted to honor him at that moment, i was in a verge of tears seeing what i saw at that moment of silent. So many people were touched, influenced, motivated or their life has changed  knowing "The Man in Black "  We all miss him. Riding with Earnhardt was Knowing him.
In Danny's bar & grill Gilbert brother.

celebrating before the Daytona 500

The race was amazing. We were so excited, we cheered screamed every time Dale Jr #88 car and MW #15 passed . We were not alone ...all the stand did the same.

When Michael crash, the couple next to me were so sad. we were sad as well, it was to early. When Dale racked...the lady in front of me cried! Yes it was sad. he was 5th and we hoped for the best, then comes the crash and ended our hope for Dales win! But we all were so happy seeing him running so well among top tens, and leading many laps few times. He was fast and good. We hope this is good sign for this year for him! it was great meeting more of his fans seating around us, we shared our thoughts and feelings as the race progress.
Some short videos from the Daytona 500 race.

Cheering for Dale Jr #88. and some boos for Kyle Bush from the fans around. #ceersandboos
The Beginning of the race Daytona 500
The winier is #21   Trevor Bayne. Congrats young boy. You are the champion!
A week later Shop manager in Daytona200 Gilber shop was wearing this sticker. they were caught with out any #21 Trevor merchandise. It was big surprise to everyone.
Trevor Bayne at the beginning of the Daytona 500 ...who could imagined the end.
Me in Daytona victory lane, walk of fame, drivers room, media center. and trying some Dale Jr jackets. :)
My Dear sister and i in Gatorade victory lane podium in Daytona. Where is our paycheck? ;)
As you can see, a picture worth thousand know i enjoyed my time there. 

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy valentine day from Orlando Florida

Yes you gusset it right. I am in Orlando visiting my sister and her family. weather is great, and i am looking forward to this weekend. I will go to watch the holy grail of stock car racing, Daytona 500 in Daytona beach. I am exited! Hope to tell you soon about it.

In a meanwhile i am wishing you all a very lovely happy Valentine day. Love and be loved is all what is it about today.
 Some photos to share from local supermarket.

perfect valentine street. few houses down the road.

made sushi for the family. we enjoyed lovely evening together.
 Enjoy Funny Valentine Andy Barker Frank Sinatra Chet Baker.

Love it's all about love!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Yu Sheng Chines New Year Salad Tossing

Make a wish while tossing YeeSang salad...and that is exactly what we did yesterday with many friends . It was great yearly gathering in my friends home. We get to see many friends we didn't see for long time' exchange mandarin oranges and red packets, and wish each other for a good Rabbit year to come.

"While versions of it is thought to have existed in China, the contemporary version is created and popularised in Singapore in the 1960s amongst the ethnic Chinese community and its consumption has been associated with Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore as well as in neighbouring Malaysia. In Singapore, government, community and business leaders often take the lead in serving the dish as part of official functions during the festive period or in private celebrity dinners. Some have even suggested that it be named a national dish."--- wikipedia
Tidbit for new year
Serving area.
Check the video of the guests tossing raw fish salad .
 this is how Singaporean do it. The messier the merrier.....

Some lady's were nostalgically maintaining Engelbert Humperdinck yesterday around the table(remembering his visit to Singapore), so why not listening to his good old days music? Spanish Eyes...for you!
You all have happy Day! Go Steelers!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chinese New Year Mandarin Oranges carrier DIY - recycled plastic bag

If you know how to crochet this is easy project. You will need some grocery bags in red color or the color of your choice. cut them to strips to get a plarn or plastic yarn. crochet in oval shape. have a red ribbon, and you are ready to pay a visit to your friends during chines new year. Don't forget two nice good looking mandarin.

Love giving my mandarin is a this recycled carrier, I make them every year.

Wishing you all creative, inspiring  year of the rabbit.

Gong Xi Fa Cai or Gong Hey Fat Choy ---- Happy rabbit year

Image: Google Images.
Wishing you all great , prosperous,  chines new year. May the year of the rabbit bless all with good health and happy life.
Red Packet. Hong bao.

 Lilli Bulb are great as fried chips.
This is the red money bag i got for this year. the traditional red packet.

I found this wooden box -  in Japanese store, of course i got it for my sweet granddaughter for here first tooth. :)

I don't know your plains for the coming year of the rabbit . Let me know.
My plans are simple and i'll start the year with planing my trip to USA to visit my sister. attend Daytona 500 race, and read there, the new book By Michael Waltrip "In the blink of an eye" . I am so glad i can make it. You know my love for racing.
This year Daytona 500 is special to Dale Ernhardt Sr. fans.
 #15 is back after10 years to honor the greatest #3. Good Luck!

HAVE HAPPY CABBITS NEW YEAR 2011. Good Start and good finish!