Sunday, 6 December 2009

I promised you a rose garden ( Rose Petal Jam recipe)

Monday i was in my family farm for one more visit. while driving toward my parents home the very bright red color of a long line of blooming roses caught my eyes. Stop! - the voice in my mind say. Don't you see? You where dreaming about it in Singapore...but there is no such a thing as fresh organic fragrant roses to buy there, not talking about stopping and picking up flowers from the neighbors garden. But the place i grew up in is such,{i am just a farm girl ;)} im LUCKY. As neighbors its common we cross each other yard to pick each other garden's goods, it can be lemon for fresh salad, flower, mint for tea and other great organic lovely gifts.

As i stood there picking up those amazing rose petals the fragrant and vibrant colored they drop happily (or not) into my bag. Oh the smell hit my Brian true my nasal pat... straight to the limbic system evoking sweet memories of my granny cooking  and baking with rose water, or distiling rose petals  water for last hair rinse. Those dayes are well engraved in my mind. Fragrant memory's.

 jam is a perfect gift for valentine's Day, an aromatic filled with love sweet treat. and of course a great dish for MIMUNA.
Rose Petal Jam recipe
300 gr rose petals
700 ml boiling water
700 gr sugar
juice from 3 freshly squeezed lemon
1 Ts superior vanilla essence
1. In shallow stainless pot spred hulfe prtion of the rose petals' covered with boiling whater. Let it steep coverd for one houre covered.
2. sieve the petals keep them aside return the water to the pot add sugare and lemon juice bring to a boilein point stirring all the while. Add the petals and the rest we kept aside. cook on low slow flame until it reaches the boiling point, lower flame and continue cooking and stirring constantly keeping eyes on it not to be burn.
3. cooke to rech sating point. you can cheek it if you freez a plate and pour some of the jam on it when touching it sulde have a string puling up like a spider web.
4. It's done ! you are done. You will need two or one glass jar sterilized to keep the preserve.
5. Enjoy the gift of nature you have just gave your self. Smell the memory. It's free. Like she say "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." Gertrude Stein  
Have great fragrant day. The Rose for you all. Or Traval to the past With The Elf of the Rose. Thanks.
cookingstyle writing from sunny Tel Aviv.

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