Monday, 6 July 2009

Eco chic-  my grocery bag -Bag

This Hugh bag was crochet by me a few years ago. The bag is made of grocery bags, and a yarn made of an old tees.

The inner lining is made of an XL size man shirt.

It is no longer with me, now my sis enjoyed it.

When she sow the bag she say” no way that you will not give me this bag” she lives no choice for me but giving it to her.

I am knitting and crocheting since I remember my self.

For years, I have spooned my wool on my spinning weal, knits bulky, big soft sweaters.

Now, I live in an the island of Singapore which will never see a winter (what a shame)so I am no more spinning wool, but I am steel knitting and crocheting with different type of material like cotton, wire, and recycle every thing around me.

I didn’t give up the idea of spinning, one da,y I will go back to the fun of dyeing and spinning the wool again.

My new journey in creating accessories is very exiting.

It is a natural and a continua’s journey I have started years ago, when I lived in Israel, where I owned my own label, a line of women clothing. (I miss doing it)

I enjoy exploring new materials, new technique, and new ways.

The result is always surprising as I don’t plain.

I design the way I cook I don’t follow a recipe.

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