Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Come De Garcon romantic war

fall-winter 09-2010 By Come De Garcon is a romantic war declaration.
The models on the runway looks romantic, yet powerful like worrier covered with tick blankets coat, vales on their face ,looks to me like a romantic amazon or worrier in action..

The fall winter collection designed by Rei kawakubo, she named it,"wonderland" What do you think?

I love the look, i love Come De Garcon deassign, i am an envy follower since the early 80th.

the layering style, is their signature all the wile.layering is an art of dressing in my view.
You don't have to dress the way it is presented on the run way, in this style, you are given the freedom to create your own combination, to suet your daily life.

I fall in love withe come De Garcon far back in the 80th.

hear are some photos, from the run way in paris for the fall
winter 09-2010
you can see more here.

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