Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Art OF Making Druze Pitta --- האומנות שבהכנת פתה דרוזית

 Farmer Market in Israel is great place to savor home cooked food.. The lady shown here is of Druze  people living in northern Israel. she is having a stall in farmers market that usually open on Thursday to Friday.

It takes years of practicing and the skills are handed down from mother to daughter. It amazed me every time i see her doing the thin paper-like  dough. It's tin, soft and a elastic.

.the filling varies according to your liking. You can have it simply with Labne , olive oil or tabbouleh salad. You can choose chocolate spread or hummus too. But i love it the way it is with labne.  That is always my choice! with lots of olive oil. hmmm only remembering and writing about it make me drool allover my keyboard...shai.

 Watch the art of making the Pita.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.---George Bernard Shaw
The Newbeats sing Bread and Butter  is the song for this post. No it got nothing to do with the post, but i really could live on bread and butter or this pita in the post, for the rest of my life! :) Life is great food too!


  1. אני מתה על פיתה דרוזית. עם המון שמן זית שמטפטף על הבגדים :)
    תודה על פוסט מעורר רעב

  2. חחח נכון מתה בייחוד על המטפטף. תודה על הביקור ארנבת רעבה.... ;)