Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Yogurt Cheese Balls In Olive Oil- Labne Recipe --- מתכון כדורי לבנה בשמן זית

Do you really need a recipe for this easy to do yummy treat? In Israel We call it Labne.  it's middle eastern staple for breakfast or for dinner and entertaining. It's made of strained full fat yogurt. It can be easily prepared ahead of time as spread/dip or as balls.
If you are plaining to make cheese balls, you may need to strain the yogurt more than one day. I like it when it is very very tick, make it very easy rolling the balls. So plain ahead your time. it may takes few days.
So if you really need my recipe, here i'm to sher it with you . Today is our Shavuot festive eve. I'll be serving it with Pita bread fresh and pita bread chips.. home made of-curs.

Yogurt Cheese Balls In Olive Oil- Labne  Recipe
 you will need:
1 liter yogurt
2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
salt to taste
Olive oil to caver cheese balls, and some to drizzle over the spread if serving it on plate like Humus.
Mix all together and strain it over night for spread , and up to few days for cheese balls.
very fine plastic sieve /strainer or muslin cloth. I have spacial plastic con with very fine plastic mesh .
If you don't have plastic strainer, you can use any you have lined with cotton cloth (buy baby cotton dipper I t's the best) tide the yogurt in the baby cotton Dipper and hang it over night in cool place (in Singapore do it in AC room or refrigerator)
roll  cheese to Small size balls and cover with olive oil.
I like my oil to be flavored . you can add anything you like, like dry chili or sweet basil, whole clove of garlic.
when serving garnish with chopped basil or dry mix herbs.
That's it. You are done. It's so easy for something that makes your taste bud happy .

No milk today?


  1. oh i love this. looking yumy. thanx for sharing! dhavoot samech