Friday, 14 January 2011

Crazy Dream shoes - Walkable נעליים אלו נועדו להליכה

When checked this morning my daily emails, i found this invitation .

Ouch ...why ? i am not in Israel? If you know me well you know my love (obsession) for quirky crazy weird looking shoes. Yes i admit it. I love shoes.

shoes for me is a piece of art. I buy them like the way i buy accessories or art. But in one condition, they must be comfy and wearable, if not, they are out for me no matter what.
I like them asymmetric with humoristic touch in them.

good shoes can compliment and bring out the beauty of a simple dress or the whole outfit. Try it. it's fun!

Why am i telling you all this? all is because of this invitation that i have received after living Israel back to Singapore. make me so sad to miss it! Truly! soon you will see what i mean. but not before telling you how fun and exciting is shopping in Israel.

If you have visited Israel you know by now what am i talking about. We have great talented designers. In any field, just name it. It makes me so proud every time to see it.

One of them is Kobi Levi He is One huge talented footwear designer.
Graduated from Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2001. Specialize in footwear design and development/making.

 " In my artistic footwear design the shoe is my canvas. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and/or an image comes to mind. The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and the design/concept comes to life. The piece is a wearable sculpture. It is "alive" with/out the foot/body." --- kobi levi

Indeed i agree, and it's Made In Israel!

 So? how do you like them? let me know in your comments. :) No shoes, no shirt no, problems never mind . just be happy.

You can see and read more about Kobi Levi here
Photos : Kobi Levi blog

Cheers! :)


  1. Oh thanks for your visit and you're welcome ! :)
    You're from Singapore ! That's great and you visit me in France ! wonderful !

    I agree with your post, Kobi levi is a talentuous artist, his shoes are a real crazy dream ... Do you see my post too ?

    Au plaisir !

  2. Welcome to my place. Yes i did visited you. I liked your blog very much and loved it even more when realized we love the same music and Gone with the wind...! :)How wonderful! Yes i live in Singapore. THX for your comment and pleas visit when you can! It's my pleasure! And Kobi is amazing artist!

    Enjoy! :)

  3. what a lovely post
    like a fresh breeze into my eyes
    thank you
    artoholic R

  4. Thank you artoholic R it's my pleasure. :)