Monday, 26 July 2010

One Saturday in Orchard Rd. Singapore shopping district --- Part 2

As i'v promised you here i have some more photos from club 21/ Marni boutique at the Hilton Singapore. The display showing Fall/Winter 2011 new arrivals. but what i liked is the (very) cool display, as i didn't have much time to check all the new arrival's and promised to come back again to check them one by one.
Lanvin is taken by club 21, and i'm very happy for that. The new shop looks very exiting and in good hand...The stuff in the new shop is one of the most experience stuff/team club 21 has...
so enjoy some of the shots i'v snapped while there for very short visit. Will go back again for Lanvin new shop.

Some of the photos are taken with  My headphone apologizes for the quality. :)

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