Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Chatuchak Bangkok Weekend Market - stylish vendors Photos

This post will be manly Photos from my last tripe to Bangkok. This time photos of Sunday market or weekend market cool vendors i come across in the steamy hot narrow lanes of this fascinating market.
If you are planing a visit to bangkok, make sure you will have Saturday and Sunday in bangkok and go to this  amazing market.
The photos where taken by me with permission from the PPL who are in the photos. some are vendors. some where there i guess like me. Love their bold cool accessories and over-whole look. All is genuine they are dressed like that every day. The lady, i was told by other vendors around, is one of a kind women in the whole market. one even added "she is one of a kind in Thailand" LOL. Who am i not to agree with them? Hell, yes she is!!!.

He didn't beat my ivory collection. love his ring.

This lady is competing with my black coral bangles she won....

This guy is wearing his own skin literally Look how big is his Eagle.He own a shop selling second hand bags and accessories for hippies...

Don't you think this guy looks like Bob Marley? He reminds me Bob. The left showing bob Marley is a painting made by Thai local artist in the market. Look at his friend at the far end Pix. he reminds me this guy :) with his beard and cowboy hat. 

Don't miss visiting the market. Great place. My Disney! 

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