Monday, 26 July 2010

Vegetarian Lentils soup --- מרק עדשים כתומים

It rains cats and dogs this morning.

 looking out from my window feels like winter...but no, defiantly not in Singapore.I can only dream about winter here or make one for me. So whats makes you feel more wintry then good hearty soup? Nothing . soup that what i craved for today. Red split lentils soup. Like the one my momma do for us in the winter.
It's my yoga day soup.
So? What you are staring at? go to the kitchen get your stuff ready and cook it . it's so easy .

You will need:
1 cup red/orange lentils (my cup=200 ml.)
2-3 carrots cut to slices.
1 sweet potato or other potato .
1 bid onion chopped
2-3 american celery stocks chopped.
bunch of fresh coriander chopped. add it at the end of the cooking.
3-4 clove garlic chopped
3-4 tablespoon olive oil or oil of your choice.
cumin powder, sweet paprika, black pepper, salt. - all add to your taste.
1.6 liter of water. If to tick add more boiling water toward the end of cooking.the soup suppose to be tick.
Photo Via goggle images.
heat up the oil in a pot. sautéed the onion to light golden brown. add garlic and spices, when you get the aroma from the garlic and spices add all the rest at once, bring to boil , low the fire and slow cook the soup until lentils "melts". add fresh coriander cook few more minutes and off the fire.
if you wish you can blitz the soup in food processor for smooth creamy soup or leave it chunky if you like.
serve with country bread, or croûtons. ( i like it with Kellogg cornflakes simple and yummy)
I like serving tick yogurt on the side to add to the soup. Yogurt Is cooling, adds flavor and help digestion.
Because it is so easy to do and all ingredient are available easily in every house you can enjoy this soup with out plaining ahead.

Enjoy it. Because it's so yummy.


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