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Street food in bangkok - recipe - Lemon grass perfumed snack head charcoal grilled fish

Bangkok has been my favorite spot for many many years. (first visit 1983). When i need some "chaos" i know it's time for bangkok tripe. The food, the real life you see in the street. the sound and smiles. It's my near by escape, my haven. Bangkok is inspiring. The people, food, colors, markets. Weekend market is my aim every visit. So if plaining a tripe to Bangkok, Saturday and Sunday are a must be the days you want to have in your plain. No trip to bangkok is complete with out visiting that market. but i leave it now to another post.

my post today is about eating out in the street of Bangkok. For many years i didn't dare eating outside. For the new visitor all look like it's not clean, or to dangerous for your delicate western stomach to take. I'v learned slowly i'm wrong. I used to eat only in hotels restaurant or in recent years in shopping centers. But all has Chang. I found the authentic street food is so YUMMY and delicious fresh and great. TRY it's worth it. But i must say one thing for the recored. I don't touch any meat in the street. But it looks good and smells good.

  central world
 One of the places i was eying every visit is right next the burnt center by the red shirt People, Central World. My favorite place for shopping and eating. Zen for shopping and the good restaurant for eating. So sad. Anyway the place is right on the road side if you are walking down from central world, passing the shrine where locals pray towards the pratunam area just before the canal. you will see them right there in the afternoon trough the night.It's very crowded in the night try going for early dinner.
grab a seat they will approach you. What to order? fish of curs. Tom yum goong is the fiery seafood soup you can ask for less chilly or get more Chang beer (good local beer) to stand by as fire distinguisher. LOL
Don't miss Som Tam the green papaya salad. ( must say the best is served in Paragon bangkok @ the basement ) fried rice is Smokey and yummy you can go for seafood rice.
They are serving a generous fresh vegetable for you to munch. I love it.  you can't even dream of having such a free serving of fresh vegetable like that in Singapore. In the plat you can find green long beens' whit cabbage, spring onion, morning glory , bean sprout. And plenty of tissue paper and tooth picks (not in Singapore) .
That's what i love about Thailand, generosity is everywhere everywhere. Value for your hard earned money.
So, if you love chaos :) (from time to time)as much as me, noisy dinner, authentic Thai food, smoke, smog, just for a while, try it.!
Chang beer (small) 50 B
Som tam- 90 B
Tom yam goong - 110 B
Fish - 180 - 210 depend on the size.
I could live the rest of my life eating Thai food.

Grilled snack head recipe:
I couldn't and she couldn't explain what she put on the  fish skin.
so here is my guess beside the salt .
Mix salt with flour or cornstarch with allot of fine salt. rub the fish with the mix this will create a barrier  which will lock in the fish moist and the skin will peel of easily. fold one whole stalk of fresh lemon grass and "stuff" the fish  with it.
Use wooden chopstick as skewers to tern the fish on the grill.
grille on charcoal or very hot oven or under broiler.
serve with Thai chilly dipping sauce, or garlicky lemon fresh juice.

Tip: soak chopsticks at least 20 minutes in water before using on grill. This will prevent wooden sticks from burning.
I could live the rest of my life eating Thai food if i can. (purpose of my tripe this time pleasure as usual and cooking school in bangkok) I can cook some authentic food now.
Sabi Sabi...that what we can say about Thailand. Wishing them Peace & Love always. :)
Chi - Yoh !

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