Saturday, 22 May 2010

Red Or Dead --- My private Collection --- אדום --- האוסף הפרטי שלי

Simply Red
Come des Garcon  shoes (club 21 Singapore)-- My collaction
When asked my daughter for a title name for this post.she immediate with  no hesitation reply:"Red Or Dead " I luge! LOL. Why? This is a brand name from UK, I used to wear back in the 80s'. she remember quirky clothing ,shoes  and bags. Still have one pair of crazy sandals from the 80s', from there boutique in London which i kept since than (can't find it for shooting). I liked her idea. So, here I am going to show you some of many red Pieces i own in my long time collection (collating) of bags, shoes and other accessories. (well not all) Some i'm not waring at all but love them.Yes it is
Red is the next color i love after black. This post is tribute to the Red color. Red symbolize love, energy, Joy, prosperity (China) But little is more, when using this warm color. Play smartly when it comes to dressing or accessories.What is red?
Moroccan style sued lather "Babuch"
Moroccan Babucha.

  Love every thing asymmetric.

ht  red patent lather bag from Marni, bangle from Zen bangkok, necklace - Morocco,

 Wallet levies, Camper shoes, paper mache bangle,

Shoes Moroccan style sued lather,
 Left top: Moroccan babucha (tribe )
Kate Spade patent lather evening bag.


  1. love the first wierd one. totally not my style, yet they are cool. and the one pair with knot at the top- great post.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You have very good eyes :). You'v pointed at my favorites one.(even if it's not your style... ) the first one is still in use. allot. Some doesn't believe but they are men shoes...(weired?)The Moroccan one is in use in special function's (folklore)and the one with knot at the top I love too.(i love them all in deferent way)>Love comments hope to see here more. :)