Saturday, 27 June 2009

How to recycle your old tees to a nice shopping bag

Mini tutorial - How to recycle your old tees to a nice shopping bag

My gym singlet is my new shopping bag

Those of you who have known me for a while, know my inclination and love for recycling.

I hate throwing things (have to learn)J so I end up with a pile of things (my hubi calls them rubbish or junks) waiting for recycling. Well, not always got an idea, but when the idea comes about, I am happy I didn’t throw them in the first place…and I have all this stuff to practise my ideas on.

This latest bag is a result of not throwing.

I was thinking of creating something out of it, as it is of good cotton, and I ended creating this bag.

It is pretty simple turning a singlet of any size or color into a nice trendy bag.

What you will need to do is:

a singlet or an old tee shirt,

a pair of scissors, needles, pins, and thread,

and some basic knowledge in sewing.

I painted the tee with black textile paint but you don’t have to if you have a colorful singlet or simply, you would want a plain bag, and embellished it later.

I didn’t use sewing machine. I just used simple stitches to sew it up.

You can cut the back deep, asymmetrical to the front or just leave it as it is. It is up to you, whereas I cut, and used the piece to make a pocket in the front.

If you wish to have a lining, you can use another singlet, or any leftover material to hem it up.




  1. הי זה מגניב!
    וגם יש תוספות חדשות בבלוג.
    יום נהדר

  2. הי

    תודה ע להביקור.שמחה שמאצ חן.
    כן הוספתי את הכלבלב היומי.מוצא חן בעיני כלבל שלא דורש טיול ,וכו...אך נעים להכנס לבלוג ולראות אותו מביט בי.ואני גם יכולה לבחור לי אחד בכל יום.מגניב.
    יום טוב.