Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jerusalem Artichoke Moroccan Tagin --- childhood flavorers--- ארטישוק ירושלמי או בטטה קסבייה וטעמי ילדות

When i was a child we used to grow Jerusalem Artichoke in the village or Moshav this how we call it in Israel The great time we spend hiding among the tall plant are deep engraved in my memory. I love it very much. It used to be very rare and expensive back then, and we have it during festive dinners, now it seems it's available all year round.
It taste like, hmmm hard to say, but something like artichoke bottoms with tuch of root flavor. very earthy aroma and flavor. I cook them like my mother does, Moroccan style, very simple, with  oil and turmeric or saffron, touch of black pepper,salt,and chicken stock powder ( i know you don't like it but i do) chicken powder can be omitted with vegetable stock or chicken stock. slow cooking is the secret.

I found fresh and good looking Once in the market last week. They found there way to the sabbath dinner. They were Yummy but didn't even get the chance to shoot good photo served on plate. So, you have to believe in me saying they were so so yummy , melting in the mouth. They should melt in your mouth when eating , it means they were fresh and cooked properly. I love eating the gravy with fresh Challah bread!

Jerusalem Artichoke
cooking oil
seasoning - Turmeric, or* saffron,black pepper,salt,chicken stock powder.
flat wide pot.

Peel the skin, wash. in the pot heat up the oil lightlyl, add turmeric to get nice bright yellow color. when oil is colored, add the cut pieces to the pot add seasoning and water, bring to boil, keep cooking on low fire until they are very soft. Enjoy warm or in room temperature.

Not: you can add chicken drumsticks if you want to have one pot meal.
* To have saffron extract add warm water to a few strands (depend how intense the color you want) of saffron let it steep for a while before cooking. You can store the rest in glass jar in fridge.


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