Thursday, 21 October 2010

Stopover In Istanbul -- Part 2 --- In the streets

Blue Mosque from the train window
Having Tea in the Grand Bazaar. they love cats in Istanbul...
Istanbul is like Paris or Morocco , meant for walking. The streets allies, architecture , colors,sound, the people, i love all the happening in the streets, the real life. Museums i did in other visits.
We walked, the hotel location was great for that. Hotel Agora life is warmly recommended. It was 15 degrees C when we arrived to Istanbul, i loved it. i missed winter. sky were gray and rain drizzling all day long. i was ready with my boots and light rain coat. making use of them finally. Rain is good thing after all.

We head great maditaranian  breakfast in the hotel (it was not included for the first day but hotel stuff was kind to offer us, we arrived very early, we couldn't even go out yet, or get our room  ). that was very kind of him to do so.
Rain is good for him.

After breakfast we headed to Istanbul streets... armed with camera umbrella and walking shoes. Short but great visit. Hope you enjoy my photos that i took under my umbrella most of the time.

view from my hotel window
Aga Sofia from hotel window

Hope you enjoy seeing Istanbul trough my eyes... I enjoined the rain the gray sky, the food, and just walk and observe. It was good stop. That what country is meant for walking. :) Now i have started a new journey hope to tell you more soon. Stay tuned.


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