Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stopover In Istanbul - Part 1 ---- the culinary experience.

Sign of winter.

Last Tuesday we landed in Istanbul, early morning. The flight from Singapore was calm and i had a good sleep all the way.  Watched two movies, and enjoined them very much. One was' crazy heart ' the second was 'Just wright'. Loved both of them.
The cat was waiting for us at the hotel entrance.
Istanbul Is beautiful. We stopped visiting a friend. Istanbul was gray and misty early morning. We were lucky to have very nice and kind driver. The Hotel was great choice. Agora Life is a Boutique hotel in the heart of Sultanhamet. Great location if you are plaining to walk to the grand Bazaar or to the spice market. Hagia Sophia and topkapi Palace are 5 minutes walk from the hotel. We spend two great days in Istanbul...all in Pictures. Enjoy.

 Breakfast at the Agora Life hotel.


Agora Life Hotel Istanbul.

 Walking to the hotel.

On the house red wine in the hotel lobby.
In the street.

Turkish delight in the spice market.

He passed me very fast heard me saying Hey please can i take photo? He posed for a second...

 Lunch in small family restaurant. 

 Tea break in Grand Bazaar.

Chai Turkish tea.

Cheese my favorite part of the spice market.

 We had lots of tea everywhere.

famous cafe in the heart of the Grand Bazaar. Famous for his great cakes and Borek. Our local friend took us to have nice afternoon munch.
My sister choice.

 My choice.
our friend choice.

Sweet tea .


  1. the cat is still waiting))

  2. Yes she is . now i can see lol :)Thank you for stopping over .