Monday, 27 September 2010

Congrats to Fernando Alonso wining 2010 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX- F1 - The Marina Bay Circuit

Alonso the winner after showering Webber.
Webber get great shower .
showering Webber.

 Not easy at all. we all trying very hard.

Beautiful Singapore Marina Bay.
Oh wow, three days of Formula 1 in Singapore where intensive, exciting and unforgettable. three days of  f1 racing, in between other classes racing like Formula BMW, Porsche Carrera.

We have round the clock great world class singers and artist every day. Just to mention some, Friday 24Sep. we saw Missy Elliott. Missy Elliot rocked the crowd. It was really electrifying show. Her dancers are wow. You don't see this often...
Saturday 24th Sep, we saw  Daughtry (my Favorite), followed  in the evening with Adam Lambert. Both gave us amazing show. Right from there heart. Loved both of them. Daughtry is true artist. Adam is class on stage. Loved his show very much.

Mariah Carey performed at the last evening after the race. She is too Diva and too spoiled on the stage, She got great voice but didn't like her show very much. Very dull and not from the heart. I'v expected more from her. I guess the humidity and the warm whether of Singapore was to much for her.

 It's a yearly celebration in the Island that not to be missed by anyone. Like last year i say it again, the event organizers sure did good work . excellent i would say. No one can beat Singapore when it comes to organizing large scale events like F1.
I was there rooting for L. Hamilton, but i like Alonso too. so i'm very happy so far! Hope Hamilton will change his luck in the next coming race in Japan. We cross fingers for him.
You can read more about the race. Lap by lap, well described, I couldn't do it better then they did.
I am too eager to tell you more and show you all my photos, but it's very late and i'm still very tired. I promise to show more in the coming days.

Check again for more Photos from 3 euphoric days. :)

See you soon. (if time permit ).


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