Monday, 21 September 2009

My New Year Dinner - ראש השנה וארוחת החג שלנו


Jewish New Year is a celebration of colors and flavors , it's an end as well as a beginning.It marks the end of a hot Israeli summer and where fall begins.  for me It  is, family gathering ,pomegranate, cinnamon, apples,  honey,cloves and safron.
I love cooking and baking among other things. Cooking is rooted deeply in me and in my senses, thanks to my mother . My Mother is a great cook, she is a "master" of invention and improvisation when it comes to cooking.
Cooking mums food i  only need to close my eyes and visualize my mum's body language when in the kitchen. This is how i have learned cooking,and baking. Observing.
I am a proud mum coz my daughter follows me and grandma's footstep. she is a great cook too.
Here are some photos I shot during preparation for Jewish New Year dinner.
Happy New Year.


  1. wow!!! it looks amazing! i love the hala bread - what a beauty! god everything looks so tasty, makes me miss my mom so much.....
    soon i'll head to the kitchen to prepare my Shabat Chala! thanks for sharing, and Tzom kal & gmar chatima tova

  2. Thank's for your comment.have a great sabbath and chala.