Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mung Bean Sprouts recepie- נבטי שעועית מאנג או מאש

Mung bean sprouts are easy to sprout at home, it is cheep and healthy.

I have for years a stack of 5 trays, specially bought for sprouting. but you can  use something similar to mine, like plastic container with wholes at the bottom tray for sprouting . Even a glass jar can serve the purpose.
what you will need is beans,a glass jar or a bowel , soak  the bean at least 8 hours or over nite. the next day cover the tray with towel and live in drake place.I wash the beans few times a day and let it drain. covered. it is important to wash and drain and cover again.
if you are using jar do the same. make sure the jar is big.

I get my sprout  ready, in less then  2 days, coz  Singapore is hot and humid.
you can then harvest your "effortless " sprouts. keep covered in the refregeratore.and enjoy.
use them for salad or as a munchies, in soup and toss them into your fried rice.

after "harvesting"

the shoots are showing at the tray bottom.

Just to show you the tray.

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