Wednesday, 9 March 2011

One week of Basketball, Baseball, Baking, Travailing in Orlando Florida

Cocoa Beach
I am visiting my sister and her family and enjoying every moment being with them . last week was all about some collage sport like boys and girls Knights basketball  in UCF. We went to watch the last home games for the boys and the girls.
UCF Knights.

UCF Knights man basketball last game at home before the tournament.

Marcos Jordan

UCF Girls game scores
UCF Knights Girls basketball team 

UCF - D - Fans
UCF Girls.
After the game we had great sushi. UCF Roll is The best!

  followed by Baseball game on Saturday with my. It was a real fun
In between all this, my sister and i drive around and discover nice new places to both of us. (she just moved to FL from PA ).
Sunday we drove to Cocoa Beach Orlando FL, it was nice drive in a very wonderful sunny day. walking along tho the beach of the Atlantic ocean was so calming and relaxing. we were so lucky to come so close to a birds flock who seems not to be bothered by passing by people.
Sara my sister doggy is so sweet. the house and the surrounding.

My sister and i Cooke, bake breads and cookies and tell story's to each other. we have quality time together. We didn't do it for such along time. Life keeps us busy, raising children, and living in deferent parts of the world.

I think i will leave the story to be told by the pictures i
am taking here.
If you want to see more photos...stay tuned ! More is coming.


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