Sunday, 21 February 2010

Htiqvaa Market - shopping for colors flavors and generosity

Htiqvaa Market is one of many colorful markets in Israel.  my yang sister and i went to the market late afternoon. It's Thursday, very busy day in the market. all are shopping for sabbath dinner.
The market looks the same every day. packet with beautiful fresh vegetable fruits  fishes meet ect... On the way we stopped in local Pita/bread bakery. Not all the pita made in Israel can be called hand made. This one is hand mad, One by one are rolled,  flattened and baked with human touch. The result is, very spongy fluffy soft pita. The baker was in the middle of flatting them which means they have to rise as well. I'm very much wanted to see his  spacial pita oven in action. Have to come back in half an hour time... We where a bit late, but still menage to see some. The kind baker showed me all  the steps, such a friendly guy. Got 10 pita for 10 INS, gosh so cheap. Thinking of all the work not to mention all the rest... We anded up talking business. He offerd me a partner ship to open a pita bakary in Singapore.This is Israel. I Just smiled. Took photos and collected my warm freshly baked pita to be my dinner.
From there we headed to the olives and cheese guy. Anther friendly one. He insisted i will take his photos serving me a piece of  feta cheese and olives to sample. I did. The cheese joined my pita and Moroccan black olives to be my dinner.
Oh my. This is haven. Simple food (poor PPL food) Bread, cheese and olives, are my best, best choice when i'm here.Some more shopping for spices ect.. and headed home to have great dinner freshly bought from colorful market. The dinner? all in the pita, who need a fancy plat? not me. Only for shooting.
Enjoy some of the photos taken there.

Market mix.

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