Sunday, 2 August 2009

Luis Tera'n-A Travelers' Stories-In singapore

artist Luis Tera'n and a guest.

Thursday evening was a celebration of the opening of A TRAVELER'S STORIES in the presence of the artist Luis tera'n.
it is always a pleasure to attend Herm'es events held in the THIRD Floor gallery in orchard Rd.

champgain and beautiful people feel the gallery.
the charming artist peasantly addressed all the inquiries from the gussets.he is truly a charming latino.

A traveler's stories unfolds with artist Luis Ter'as role as creator and carrier of his installation packed in suitcases brought all the way on a long haul flight from Buenose Aires, Argentina to Singapore.

The art in transit transforms into an installation that reveals carefully arranged magazine pages perforated with elaborate tiny holes that filter light radiating an incandescent glow.

The atmospheric environment stimulates the viewer to transverse place and time to construct reality and meaning closely reflects ones' memories and experiences.

Tera'ns artwork are characterized by his obsessive perforation or drilling of everyday objects which harness the evocative effect of distilled light redefining their identity and purpose.

He is inspired by the luminosity of vitreous ( stained glass windows) windows of catholic churches and artist Yayoi Kusama's obsession with repetitive polka dots.

It was a truly an experience, to be in a dimmed gallery, surrounded by beautiful people, champagne and the light dimmed on and of as you look at the art pieces on the glass light boxes.

the "THIRD FLOOR" is a non-commercial art space dedicated to showcasing original site - specific works by yang contemporary artist.
It is offers a unique form of patronage that champion young artist by commissioning, producing and presenting works within its space.
the works are returned to the artist and remains their property at the end of each exhibition.

the foundation d'entreprise Herme's was created in April 2008.
in its commitment to support art.

Exhibition 31 July through 13 September 2009
10.30 am to 7.30 pm daily
Third floor - herme's , 541 orchard Rd. Liat tower.

free admission.

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