Tuesday, 4 August 2009

healthy breakfast in a minute

Do you sometime like me gets tired of thinking what to have for your breakfast?i do!.
I know breakfast is important to start a good day. but i want my breakfast to be interesting, appetising, and full of good things for my health as well as for my test bud.
It is so easy as my photos will show you.
what you need is to stock some power fruits you love, peanut butter, some rice crackers or other health bread or crackers of you choice.and you are done. I have chosen for my breakfast today two rice crackers , slices of fragrant nectarine red yummy cherry and blueberries.
spread peanut butter on cracker top with fruits and enjoy!!...


  1. what a lovley way to starat the day, i dont like havy breakfast, i love the combenation.

  2. thanks for comment.have great healthy day.