Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spring Is In The Air - Sorrel beetroot salad recipi

Walking  back home from school was fun then.On the way we used to pluck all kind of edible flowers. One of them was today's pick, Nodding Wood - Or Sorrel. We used to remove the top flower and chew the stem. The stem is sour, very sour.    
Israel is blooming now. Spring is in the air, in the sky, the nature is breathing, waking up. The breeze in the morning reminds me that Passover is just few weeks away. My daughter, Yair and I went this morning to our daily walk in our neighborhood In northern Tel Aviv. We still have some green "lungs" of nature around, "no man land". There i can find the flowers i miss every year when i am away from Israel. The camera with me 24/365 and all is documented all the time.So, I'v Plucked some Sorrel, didn't know yet what to do with them, and brought it home.
At home checked and  found fresh beets. That's it, It's the perfect match i say. color combination is bright and stunning. Orange a lemon can be friended with then easily too. I could feel the taste already... my taste bud start working over time...
So where am i? Oh yes, the salad right? Why west time? Get your eyes and senses open wide and follow.
You need of curs some wild Sorrel.  hope you can get some when spring come over to your place.
You need :

Sorrel flowers and there stem
2 medium  beetroot's 
200 ML fresh orange juice
juice from half lemon.
1 green apple with skin on sliced tine
6-8 Tablespoon canola cooking oil
2 teaspoons Honey
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
This is really easy to do salad dressing:

peel and grate the beets
chop the stems, keep the top flowers
slice apple to tin quarters.
Mix orange juice, lemon juice, oil, honey, black pepper, salt in empty jar or bottle.
You are done! well almost.
mix all, pour dressing toss all together saving the top flowers  and apple slices to serving time.

 Serving Suggestion:
Serve salad on top of apple slice layer. Garnish with flowers on top.
you can add some toasted walnut or pine nut. (option)
I think this will be perfect match with grilled fish, chicken or seafood. 
You are allude to eat as much as you can.
And please remember wild flowers in Israel are protected by low. Not all of them. sorrel in not among them as far as i know. 
ובעיברית : הנה שם הפרח - ואינפורמציה 

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