Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Salt Cured Ripe Black Olive Recipe --- צימוקי זיתים שחורים כבושים במלח - מתכון מבית אמא

 This recipe is past to me from my mother who learnt it from her mother... actually it is an untold or unwriten recipe like all my recipes and cooking from home , all were lernt by observing my grandmother or my mother cooking
My culinary Journey started i guess at birth, when my granny was seating on the floor  ( Like in meditation seating) peeling vegetable helping my momma , I was lying on her laps.

My momma is great natural talented cook. she is my inspiration. My late granny from my momma side was a real good Moroccan cook, she was very much considered the event chef of the extended family and friends in  Morocco community and later in Israel.
She specialised in wedding , Brit-Mila, Bat-Mitzva , Bar-Mitzva cooking. But I will live this story now for another post.
For this recipe you will need:
A tree , olive tree. or good neighbour lazy enough not doing anything with  her olives....promising him a share, that's what I did. it's my daughter's lovely one.

 Helping hand, a mat or plastic table-cover for easy collection.
 they must be Ripe black olives, I used the type we call in Israel Syrian olives.I have no idea why they are called that name but this is how we know them. they are not flashy and they are great for any way of curing olives either in brain, or dry cured with salt like in this case.
washed and dry.
Ripe Black Olives Raisins Recipe - My  Moroccan Jewish grandmother recipe 

You will need any amount you have of ripe black olives.
kosher salt
wooden hammer or nice big pebble you can use as hammer.
plastic sieve with big holes
Paper kitchen towel
few more Pebbles / heavy stones

wash and dry the olives.
with the Pebble or hammer hit the olives one by one but don't smash them just bruise them.

start layering then in wide sieve and sprinkle generously with salt.

cover with  few layers thick paper towel, use the pebbles to press the olives down. they act as heavy weights
squeezing the liquid from the olives.
every day at least twice a day toss the olives and add some salt, as it is washed away in the process of drying.

keep it in dry airy place.
it is ready when liquid is no more dripping from the sieve and they look wrinkled.

Taste the olives as you go in the drying proses, add salt as needed . the olives suppose to be salty, but not very very salty.
when ready drip little olive oil on them , very very little, toss, and keep in glass jar.
I keep my olive refrigerated in the humid whether of Singapore. if you live in cold country you can keep it in dark dry place.

This is how my grandmother used to do it, this is how my mother and I doing it , this is how my doughtiers will do it too. I hope.