Saturday, 15 May 2010

I love Garlic -- Adorable Prince Liam the Brave -- Roasted garlic recipe

Liam [via]
I love garlic in any form. fresh, roasted, pickled, just name it. Funny ,my mom doesn't like garlic my grandmother didn't like it either. so? how i picket up this love? I don't know. but i simply love it.
Some People are sensitive to garlic keep in mind that so you don't harm anyone. I'm happy i'm not. and i'v past my love to my daughter that consume garlic like crazy in here tiny kitchen.
If you hate the smell, why don't you roast it? It's great as spread on freshly toasted bread, or just as a companion to any meat or grilled chicken. When ever i grill chicken with roasted potato i add few whole heads of garlic. Just peel the outer skin and drizzle with good olive oil, some sea salt and it's ready for roasting. so simple!

This post was plained for quite sometime..but some how it didn't happen.A week ago i start taking photos of my cooking with garlic. hope you like it.(more will follow)
Read here about the garlic history

Hear is the real story!!! 
Garlic and cancers. In the link above ( keep in mind ) i'v mentioned the sensitivity of Liam to garlic. Liam is a real prince. yes, not like in friary tells. he is a real life prince. A hero. from the day i know his story, i'm praying for his cure.
His story is a story of many children in the world with cancer. Pleas read about Little Liam and support in anyway you can.
I'v started by posting to all my friends in my email list the link to Liam's blog and to the "cookies for kids cancer". start yours. your way! Now :)

Mi Sheberakh: May one Who Blessed

Mi Sheberakh Video

Roasted Garlic:
heat up oven to 250 c
as much as you like whole heads of garlic.
olive oil,sea salt
Rosemary, fresh or dry.
peel of the outer layer of dry skin.
place garlic on aluminum foil or on tray.
Drizzle with olive oil, generously, salt and crushed rosemary.
Roast it covered with foil until the garlic is done.
Serve with toasted bread, or squeeze all garlic cloves into a glass jar, cover with olive oil and keep refrigerated for future use.
Use it on bread like butter, for great hearty/healthy sandwiches.
Enjoy! Mishehoo. Song I Love.


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  2. Oppsy rabbit deleted your comment :( so sorry.Happy you love it. :)

  3. We love garlic around here too! Have you tried green garlic yet? We just released our first harvest and expect to have it April-October, so look for it in your favorite market throughout the year! Very sweet, mild garlic flavor that works in all kinds of dishes.
    Also, some of the garlic in your photos looks like "Chinese white." Look for fresh California garlic year-round from Christopher Ranch. Has higher oil content and better consistency, particularly for roasted applications where a lot of moisture cooks off.

  4. Welcome to my blog Mr Christopher. Yes i did tried it in Israel and in here as well. But i don't get it here all the time. In Israel is a very short period. Yes it is white garlic which is abandon here and easy to get. I don't think here in Singapore we have your garlic or i'm not aware and we do. let me know .thank's for doping by. I appreciate it. :)hope to see you more. i love comments.comments are welcome